(My Endless Appreciation)

The messages you passed across yesterday turned to a diviner. It was marvelous, precious and undoubtedly the best ever celebration for me.

Social Media were painted with wishes for me, sms, gifts and love shown was much and great. Thanks to you all. Am very grateful and proud of you all.

Your wishes passes across a message to me, that the next 364 days holds a lot of beautiful moments, wonderful discoveries and best future awaits me.

It’s good to be good, yesterday wishes says it all. No matter what you are facing, don’t be discourage to keep doing good because there is payback for every good. Karma don’t pays only bad, it pays good too.

To God the Almighty Father, thank you.
To my parent and family, thank you.
To my friends and lovers, thank you.
To die hard fans of my positivity ideology, thank you.
To those who never see me, never know me, but only heard of my doings, and says “he deserves to be celebrated” thank you.
To everyone who is reading this, thank you.

After carefully reading all your wishes, I discovered that there’s no one who should wish me but never do, the celebration was beyond expectation. So if you don’t wish me yesterday, it’s not due to hatred, ideology or oppression, don’t feel guilty about it, you are not destined to wish me happy birthday this year, maybe you should awaits next year.

This is my endless appreciation, and spirit flowing one. Am endlessly and passionately saying THANK YOU.

February 24 was special because you were part of it. Thank You once more

Ogundele Ebenezer Olukayode ‘Samson Set’
Erstwhile SUG Welfare’16
Erstwhile Chief Juror’19
FSSIB SUG President’20
Oracle Of Positivity

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