YORUBA/HAUSA CLASH: More Than Five Reported Dead, Many Injured, Properties Destroys As Fight Deepen

More than five (5) have been reported dead in Yoruba/Hausa clash occurring in area of Shasha, Ibadan.

It was earlier reported by Gistsmate correspondent that the death of certain Mr. Adex and pregnant woman by the so called Hausas has triggered the fight.

More than five has been reported dead as at the moment this report. In which we can ascertain the numbers of people that have died in the clash.

The community that host students of Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan and also largest Pepper Market in Ibadan has been desolated by both students and other residents of the community. Also many shops and houses that belongs to both Yoruba and Hausa has been burnt down.


The fight has extend to Ojoo, Idi Ose and even Moniya.

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