A lady was asking why is it that most guys dump ladies after they finish having sex with them?

My answer to her was; that is because we realise that it’s only sex you can offer.

No man will dump a woman who can offer more than sex and unfortunately the only thing most women can offer is sex and nothing else.

A man has sexual desires so he will please himself even with a “mad woman” it doesn’t mean he should keep her after that, no way.

However if the man realises that there is more that even the mad woman can offer he will shun what society will say and be with her.

This is why most women who get married are in most cases not so special looking but the beautiful ones don’t get married.

A man wants more than sex, someone that will make him complete not a sex symbol.

Sex is only for at most 30 minutes in a 24 hours day so what can the woman offer to the man with the remaining 23 hours 30 minutes left in the day? This offering is what will make a man keep you. Most girls who think they are beautiful think sex is the only thing a man wants. As for me if you don’t have a future and I don’t see you to be the kind that can help me to be great in life, you can be as beautiful as Lucifer himself I will dump you.

If you depend so much on your beauty so you fail to learn the rudiments of life and how to make a man better, you become useless to any man and the fake prophets will tell you that your mother is responsible for your lack of marriage or woes in marriage. No normal thinking man will allow an industrious lady to go out of his life whether she is beautiful or not, never! The not so beautiful are humble to learn in life and humble themselves to men so you will always see them happily married and displaying their shiny gold wedding rings to the beautiful ones who are unmarried but are being played by men like table tennis ball, they hop from one man to another like grasshopper.

Sister how long will you be hopping? It’s okay sit down on your buttocks and learn sense that sex does not even constitute 1% of a human’s entire life.

Learn how to help a man to be great with the remaining 99% of his life.

Truth be told.

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