Why I Can’t Fight Media When They Misinterpret My Words – Oyedepo Reveals

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Worldwide has revealed why he could not fight the media even when they write untrue stories about him or misquote him.

Oyedepo, at the Church’s Hour of Prayer (CHoP) said if he should fight the media and people ran out of jobs, he would be the one to pray for them to get new jobs.

He said he has privileged to be one of those who sustained the media industry in Nigeria because anything he said would be grabbed by the media and people would buy the newspapers.

“I am privileged to be one of those who sustain Media industry in Nigeria because when they say what I say, people buy it, even when they ‘mis-say’ it and I can’t fight them.

“If I fight them and they shut down some of those places, then I will be praying for them to get jobs again. So I am having a good time having them market my sayings wrongly or rightly.

It keeps a number of media places going. And herein, I rejoice. Serving God unashamedly: “He is stupid” – yet you are rising. “He is crazy” – Impact is growing.

“They are all mad people”: Thank You, we are making it. You think, we are mad, we are making it and only fools doubt proofs. We are starting 12 new schools: Faith Academy (7), KHMS (5) this month, ‘but we are very stupid.’

Many jobless people will find a job in it: “we are crazy”, but we are increasing in impact,” Oyedepo stated.

Oyedepo added that “the way they came on us when we said, “at Covenant (University), you can’t use telephone, you can’t do this”: What do they think? Who are they? Now you know who we are now. You want new wave University development techniques? Come to Covenant (University).

“We have it on our finger tips. Some of the things we found, they found it much later in America, they found it much later in Asia but ‘we are stupid.’ We must serve God sacrificially.”

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