We Need More Than Activism in Unionism” – NANS Zone D Coordinator Hopeful Charges Students Leaders


The Deputy Coordinator, National Association of Nigerian Students Southwest Zone (NANS Zone D), Comrade Oladimeji Uthman has implored all students’ leaders across the zone to step up their game and think beyond activism in the dispensation of their leadership mantra.

Uthman who is also aspiring to become the NANS Zone D Coordinator maintained that students’ leaders should take the bull by the horn by taking part in the governance of the country.

The students’ leader said this in a statement made available to newsmen to express his interest in contesting for Zone D Coordinator.

He added that the involvement of the students leaders in the country’s politics will bring about contribution to social, welfare and sharing productive ideologies which brings prosperity to the society.

He further said, “students Leaders are seen as activist, no doubt about that, we agitate for common interest of our members, most importantly as it relates to students welfarism, security and their healthy state on campus. That is activism. However, students leaders globally are taking the bull by the horn, being part of governance and exhilarating leadership through contribution to social, welfare and sharing productive ideologies which brings prosperity to the society.”

“It is high time, we step up our game, we need more than activism in unionism because unionism is a golden avenue to demonstrate and practice leadership and leadership involves influencing people towards the attainment of desired goals, adding value to the society, being empathetic enough to the need of the people.”

“Student Leaders across all levels, ranging from Joint Campus Committee Executives, Students Union Executives, Faculty and Departmental Executives, down to the Class Governors/Head of Class needs to rise to the mantra of leadership, agitate where necessary and complement the activism with innovations which will put us in a dignified position.”

Comrade Dan Fodio contesting for the Office of the Coordinator, NANS Zone D has vowed to complement the efforts of the outgoing administration, add value and implement new and fresh ideas which will further put the most ideological zone to the coast of prosperity.

He added, “At the 2021 convention that with every possibility of situating NANS Zone D as a 21st century world class pressure group, prompt responses to students issues, paradigm shift in the need for clear headed ideological orientation of members, deeping of unity amongst members as the backbone and fulcrum of the organization and developmental strategy in the repositioning, rebranding and renaissance of the organization.

“Indeed, the possibilities are limitless!”

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