Concerned Ladokite

I’ve been in LAUTECH before the union was proscribed and I can say this from pure experience that the union benefits the school and her student’s more than anyone can deny.

The union reduces the cost of security and helps to maintain peace on campus.
Not to mention that the executives are closer to the students and respond almost immediately the need arises. The defunct SARS oppressing students, landlords increasing rents and punishing students with lack of water and other basic amenities, extortion of students by cultists,over hyped prices of transport fares with bike men, as well as ensuring the secuity agencies around campus work to reduce the robberies that have sadly increased with the proscription of the union.

The union gives the school a good reputation.
The good standing and ranking of LAUTECH as an institute of higher learning has been largely due to the contribution of Ladokites who have been in the system of governance on the level of student governance. Students from all over used to look up to Ladokites as people that are well varsed in maintaining the good reputation of their institution on the level of NANS, NAUS, FABAMSSA NATIONAL BODY,NIMECHE, NUESA NATIONAL BODY, NACOSS NATIONAL BODY etc. Sadly, our representation on all these levels have been poor.

Other students with far reaching influences have ensured that long strikes have been curbed by intellectual negotiations with high ranking political officers from both Oyo and Osun states (while the joint ownership lasted). Sadly, the academic calander can be influenced by any and every wave of needless strikes. We can do better!

Nobody represents us as students within the coffers of the senate, as well as other student bodies (eg NANS, NAUS, etc) and speaks our mind.
With no disrepect to the office of the DSA, I must say that he who wears the shoe knows where it hurts the most. Nobody knows where it hurts us as students the most except us, when the management takes decisions about us without asking how we manage to cope. Those whom we find it easy to complain to are those we elect into office. Sadly, the only enjoyment we’ve enjoyed for a long time was taken away from us like smoke puffed into the air. Not a single right nor privilege left.

Development of students politically and Intellectually.
Help us, build us to become politically relevant in the society and also build public speakers of repute. Let us be active. Help us to know the importance of exercising the civil right of voting and train our students to become politically relevant in our nation so that we can in turn help our institution maintain stable calanders. Who makes politics a crime? Who says it is a crime to do politics amongst ourselves as a form of practice and learning? Help us to be leaders of tomorrow in practice today.

The union helps to draw investments into the school and develop the school.
LAUTECH is blessed with students who can draw investments from bodies such as Tecno, MTN, SIFAX group, etc into our institution. These not only improoves the general look of our campus into a more advanced institution.

The absence of the union has cost us our sleep, our peace, our voice, our exposure, etc.

A concerned Ladokite

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