VIDEO: SUV Car Swept Away By Flood Found In Ile-Ife River With A Corpse (Read Details)

A report reaching GISTSMATE Media gave a sordid report of a Jeep vehicle found in a river between the back of Hon Rotimi Makinde House and The High Court along Ife-Ibadan Expressway, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

The corpse and the car are still there at the time of filing this report.
The car Registration Number is: LAGOS JJJ 102GY.

According to a reliable source the car must have been swept into the river as a result heavy downpour on Thursday in Ife through the Expressway bridge. The flood must have covered the bridge making it impossible for the driver of vehicle to know there was a ditch.

According to a distress call sent to SOJ WORLDWIDE by Makinde from Lagos,
“Above was a report made to me by my PA in ile ife residence ..I understand there is a vehicle and a corpse behind my fence on the river that passes behind.”
The family of the deceased may have been looking for him endlessly,
“I guess the family of the deceased may have thought he was kidnapped or something,” Makinde said.

Another source in Ile-Ife told SOJ WORLDWIDE that the rain was heavy on Thursday and that the driver may not have known that there was a ditch under the makeshift bridge that has not no side defence that can prevent any incident.

This is to call on the Police, Fire Service, Osun State Government and Fire Brigade official’s attention to visit the spot of the incident before the body decomposed further.

Watch Video Below:

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