VIDEO : ‘Let Him Go’, June12 Protesters Make Way For Seyi Makinde

Oyo state youth stage their protest in Mokola, the popular roundabout in Ibadan, Oyo state for protest against poverty, bad governance, insecurity, hike in fuel price and all sort of problems facing Nigerians in Buhari led administration.

During the course of the protest, Governor Seyi Makinde convoy came into the midst of protester, with cheers and chants of ‘Let Him Go’ he was peacefully led out of the protest without no single attack on the Governor.

Some of the protesters were heard saying ‘Oga wa ni’ which means he’s our boss, ‘Eyan wa ni’ he’s our person… ‘Let him go’.

If it’s in another state, or some politicians, the action of masses would have been opposite of today’s display towards Makinde.

Watch the video:


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