VIDEO: I Was Impregnated By Crocodile — Lady Shocks Viewers With Weird Answer



Weird things are happening in recent times, as humans are sleeping with animals, other animals are also taking revenge by sleeping with humans, but are these stories actually true?

It was all shocking and unbelievable after a youthful Ghanaian woman uncovered on live radio that she has been impregnated by a crocodile.

The unpolished answer she gave when she was asked who was liable for her pregnancy sent studio visitors and the host of the program reeling with chuckling.

The host, maybe not extremely sure she heard her right, requested that she repeat what she said and she added by saying exactly the same thing, that she has been impregnated by a crocodile.

Clearly, she didn’t mean she is a real sense had int*recourse with a reptile and got impregnated by the creature. All things being equal, the one who put her in the family bears the moniker crocodile.

The video actually attracted many comments from the many Ghanaians who were shocked of what they heard.


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