Oduduwa Nation: Trouble Looms In Yoruba Land As Iwo People, Muslim Group Creates Coaltion With Hausa/Fulani, Ready For Battle

Taawun Voice of Liberation, a Muslim group has hit out at people glamouring for Yoruba Nation, hence establishes relationship with Hausa and Fulani in south west zone.

In a publication made available by Taawun Voice of Liberation, Ife, the publication forewarned everyone, and prepared their minds for what can be tagged “battle”.

The publication reads

“Let Everyone just get prepared, big show is coming and only the brave ones would take the lead. Our only regret is that Yoruba Muslims are not show but we TAAWANU, we will make the show unpalatable for whosoever want to turn it against Islam. We are fully loaded”


In another made post made available on Facebook via the user Ameer Taawu Dawood Imran, on march 8, he posted that “TAAWUNU LAUNCHES MUSLIM SOUTHWEST SECURITY NETWORK AS IT ESTABLISHES YORUBA AND HAUSA/FULANI RELATIONS”

These publications has generates a lot of reactions online as people abuses Iwo King, Olu Iwo of Iwo, and Iwo people, accusing them of been betrayals.

What did u expect from iwo when they are been led by thug called himself king 👑
Shame on them
With them or without them oduduwa nation will stand ✔️

You are seriously going too far.
“The people of Iwo should be ready to go into extinction”. Why would you have such thought?
Why would your propagation be so much full of hate for your fellow tribesmen.
Trend softly please.

Exactly my concerns. An average illiterate yoruba, even the literate-illitrate ones will shock you with their stupidity and greed. I support disintegration, but are Yorubas mentally liberated 1st??? Let’s ask ourselves this salient question

Any yoruba town or local government in the SW not ready to be submissive to the Yoruba nation agenda will be wiped out. Iwo people should not allow that thug called king to destroy their heritage. As for Ilorin, when we are fully ready we will claim it back from the Fulanis emir

Iwo people…tho I can’t generalize. I’ve met the good ones but most are shallow minded, myopic and could be extremist muslim like the ilorin… they want to be the perfect Moslem. Best thing is pay them no attention..they like to argue about what is glaring, that’s iwo people

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