There are many benefits we drive from sex and it’s only through sex that we can get these benefits.

Sex is not just for pleasure, it is the most enjoyable activity that a man and a woman can have in Marriage and Relationship.
Sex is beyond the urge or the feelings you normally have that makes you approach your lover then request to enjoy it with him or her.

So many don’t know anything about sex order than inserting the penis inside the vagina of a woman. Sex is more than that.

Before you engage in sex with your woman.

You should first call her body to action, make her vagina and her entire body beg you to have sex with her.

Start by playing with her clitoris, don’t just insert your fingers to start fingering her immediately.

Playing with her clitoris will make her body to arouse and be ready for the enjoyment.

While playing with her clitoris you can now gradually start fingering her.

While still doing these, you can as well be sucking her nipples. The nipples are one of the major places in the body of a woman that can make her wet. (to be ready to have sex with you)

While she is dripping her vagina fluid, you can gradually insert your penis to take her to cloud nine.

So many people have asked several times, what actually do we gain when we have sex with our partner.

The 3 main benefits of sex you must know.


The more you have sex, the more your body fights against some major types of ailment, this simply means that you will hardly fall sick.

Research has it that those that have sex at least 4 times in a week are usually healthier than those that don’t have sex or maybe ones in a week.

Sex boast your body abilities to have protective antibodies against the bacteria, viruses and other germs.

It is true that not only sex that does these things. Eating rights, exercising, good sleep and vaccinations all help too but regular sex does that greater than we could imagine.

The benefits of sex are not what you should miss out on.

Do you know that sex induce sleep?

This is because orgasm simulates the release of a hormone called Prolactin.

Prolactin is a natural sleep aid. It promotes feelings of relaxation and sleepiness.

That is why you sleep off easily most times after having sex with your partner or you felt you need to relax.

For someone that has amnesia or sleeping issues, having regular sex, mostly when you enjoyed orgasm helps in dealing with it and you will feel good.


I know you may disagree with me that is not actually true. Because you have brainwashed that regular sex makes you look old, that is not true

Regular sex makes someone look younger, this is the simple truth.

It is not that if you are 50/60 years for instance that regular sex will make you look like someone that is 18 years of age, No! What this means is that you will look fresher and younger in the eyes that people will not believe your real age when you tell them. You may be 5/6 years younger than you real age but people will hardly believe it because of the way your body will be shining.

Forget about surgery and creams that we use today to make our body look beautiful, smooth and young or the anti-aging activities that make your body beautiful.

Sex is the most powerful way you can keep your body naturally beautiful, shining and young.

Regular sex stimulates the release of estrogen and testosterone.

These are a hormone that keeps the body beautiful, lustrous and young.

Have sex with your partner at least 4 to 5 times a week, will make you age slowly and be different than someone that doesn’t have regular sex.

You may disagree with me but you will agree with me after trying regular sex with your partner, then compare your beauty and your look after.

These three health benefits of sex are enough proof that sex is important to our health and our look. Our God is awesomely awesome.

Sex is not just when you insert penis inside vagina, the benefits is more than that.

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