We Never Endorse Anyone – The Polytechnic Ibadan Students Deny Endorsement Of Akande Adeolu For Governor

Comr. Fadare Blessing, FPI Student Union President

Student union of The Polytechnic Ibadan has deny ever endorsing anyone for the post of Oyo state governor in 2023.

In a release by the Student Union President of the institution Comr. Fadare Blessing captured by Gistsmate correspondent, he make a note that 2023 is still far and someone who will graduate in few months time can’t determine Oyo people’s fate.

He also stressed that a single person cannot dictate for the entire students’ populace, not to talk about the percentage of TPI students compared to Oyo population.

Read the full release:

The Polytechnic Ibadan Students Union under the leadership of Comr Fadare Blessing (The Student Union President) has never for once pledged the institution loyalty or endorsed any politician.

Student leaders of the institution knew nothing about the meeting with Prof. Akande Adeolu, the Chairman Board of Commission

Comr. Oseni Ibrahim is not part of the Students Union so his endorsement for particular person as Governor is personal. Why will a person who will graduate in few days decide who will become the next governor of the state. By the way what is the percentage of The Polytechnic Ibadan students to the entire populace of Oyo State students?

The students are not the mouthpiece of the electorate, we can only contribute. We are students and not political analysts. Also we are not dictator of Oyo state election, we are intelligent in students unionism not political gladiator.

Oseni Ibrahim is just a Faculty representative not a student dictator. The Polytechnic Ibadan students is for the state and we are not in the best position to give the support for a particular person.

The Students Union Executives led by Fadare Blessing urge all students to concentrate on achieving academic excellence.
Election success is decided by God.

The school management has never for once introduced any student leader to any politician neither hold any programme that entails political gathering.

We are for good governance in Oyo state Government.
God bless Oyo state
God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬
God bless Ibadan .

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