Students As Sacrificial Lambs Of ASUU Strike – By Inaolaji OLAYODE


It is no news that strike is ongoing in the Nigerian universities now. Though in Nigeria, the issue of the strike is not strange. But this just to reveal the crystal fact. However, the adverse effect these incessant strikes inflict on the students is nothing to write home about.

Since the formal public announcement was made by the Academic Staff Union of the Universities (ASUU) some months ago, the innocent students have been staying with their parents and guardians at home. This can, without doubt, be tagged as a waste of their precious time.

One popular saying goes thus: “An idle hand is a devil’s workshop.” This quote aptly describes this present situation in the country. As a result, some students may fall into the trap of being used as political thugs, which can put a stain on their immaculate cloth of integrity.

The incessant strike is a bane to the development of the country and its quality of education. It has been said that a nation cannot be developed beyond its level of education. The education of the Nigerian youths is, therefore, a measure of development in the nearest future.

Without any iota of reasonable speculation, when a student is thirty years old, the age of such an individual will be outrightly disallowed to serve the nation as a corps member under the scheme of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). As the strike continues, the age is also going non-stop as this increase in age is a direct violation of the law of gravity.

In conclusion, it will be pleasant to its extremity for the parents and guardians to admonish their children to learn any vocation/trade, so that the time spent at home will not to be a total waste of time.

I am availing myself of this opportunity to beseech the government to do the needful for the ban to be lifted on the strike. Students are innocent, and the governments should not destroy their lives with their selfishness and inability to implement the agreements reached with it in 2009 when Prof. Tunde Adeniran was the country’s minister of education.

…Olayode, a student of Ekiti State University (EKSU), sends this piece through

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