Sowore’s Sahara Reporters: Bogus Reporters Taken Too Far


Do you think by flecking other’s dignity with your fellow compatriots would get you your desires? Do you think feeding the nation with eye service, toxic reports and untrue stories would make you fan of the masses? No one plants cassava and reaps banana. If thou sow wind, expect whirlwind.

Many of your readers might not know why you keep attacking the NANS National President, but to some extent, a reasonable comrade would feel the pains of Sowore’s boys in students’ unionism with their histories full of failures just like their boss.

In Southwest Nigerian students’ movement, Sowore’s boys are known for impersonation, and most of these fake news are sponsored by them, not because they are true but because they can’t get to their desired position. Meanwhile, by any means, they are ready to bring down the office holders.

Sahara reporters were the originators of the fake news to assassinate the character of Com. Asefon Sunday Dayo when he emerged as the National President of NANS, and when Sowore’s boys saw that the factional government won’t work out, they changed the song to 45-years-old civil servant became NANS President… What a shame!

On June 11, after NANS President suspended protest, Sahara Reporters blew another lie that ‘Asefon is to be paid by the Director of Extension of PPMC the sum of N40 million this evening… to disrupt protest’.

The deceptive games of Sahara Reporters can not be condoned again by my gentle self. For a well known news outlet like Sahara Reporters to have posted a video recorded on April 4th at Akure, in Ondo State where Asefon Sunday and some comrades were dancing as celebration of June 12, with caption that the NANS President was rejoicing after he received 70 million naira from Kogi state government, Yahaya Bello. This is too barbaric, inhuman, and roughshod mission to begrime another man’s reputation. Just imagine the hatred and bitterness lingering in the hearts of Sahara Reporters’ correspondents, two months old video!

Lets ask Nigerian number 1 liar, what’s your aim of posting the video? do you mean he’s spending the 40M he collected for disrupting June12 protest? or he also collected another money from Yahaya Bello? Or it’s Yahaya Bello that promised him 70M that you didn’t get your fact right? We need to seriously question your correspondent’s source of information.

I was also overwhelmed at another malicious publication by Sowore’s Sahara Reporters when they recently published that the impeached NANS President Comr. Akpan Bamidele Danielson said he has not handed over power to anyone, and he would be holding another convention. Deceiful Sahara Reporters, don’t you verify your information before you publish? Dear readers, don’t be nonplus when Sahara Reporters present another NANS President in few months time (in case you don’t know, that’s their plan, and reason why this media house has been publishing fake news about incumbent leadership of NANS).

Finally, The disunity that Sowore’s reporters are fanning in southwest students’ unionism will always bounce back on Omoyele Sowore’s aspiration. This media house has promoted factional government in southwest, giving thumbs up to mischievous posts by some unrecognized elements in the association. When you contest for a position, you either lose or win, parading yourself as an officer in a post you never hold is a broad daylight robbery tantamount to impersonation, anyone who sponsors such movement has a similitude of someone who supplies arms to bandits and killer herdsmen.

Not all Sahara Reporters’ correspondents cook falsehood, but I guess this is the right time that the concerned authority should separate the shafts from wheat. Omoyele Sowore is too occupied to monitor the affairs of his media house but the appropriate authority should rectify this pixilated acts and also curb the rate at which Saharans give delusive reports with the aim of pulling others down.

”Woe to you, O destroyer, you who were not yourself destroyed, who deal treacherously though they [your victims] did not deal treacherously with you! When you have ceased to destroy, you will be destroyed; and when you have stopped dealing treacherously, they will deal treacherously with you.”
– Isaiah 33 vs 1

A Progressive Nigerian Student

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