SOS: NANS Osun Gives State Government 12 Days Ultimatum To Fix The Deplorable State Of Campus Roads Network


The primary responsibility of a serious and working Government is the provision of sound and affordable education for the citizens in an enabling environment.

The present situation of institutions’ roads network doesn’t give credence to the above assertion, as Osun State students are experiencing unquantifiable asperity as a result of bad roads network on campus.

However, the adverse effect of the institution’s deplorable state of roads is such that has adversely affected the welfarism of both lecturers and students, thereby making those with health challenges more vulnerable. It’s worthy to note that the present situation of the institution’s road had graduated from bad to worse, leaving the son and daughters of taxpayers in helpless and hopeless situations.

Furthermore, the lamentation and dissatisfaction of the road users keep growing day in and day out as it has become clearer that the present-day government has little or no concerns about the matter that concerns the development of tertiary institutions. The fact can be validated through how governments had executed rehabilitation and construction of more than 150KM of roads since the assumption of power without considering rehabilitation or full-fledged construction of institutions roads.

It’s imperative to state that the tertiary institution’s development is not part of the present-day government’s priority, as the deplorable state of roads is just the tip of the iceberg of poor infrastructure problems existing on different campuses.

Recall, that NANS leadership held a meeting with the Osun-State commissioner for work, Hon. Remi Omowaiye where we agreed on rehabilitation of the deplorable state of institutions’ roads, having considered the meager resources of the state. It’s appalling, sardonic, and regrettable that since our last resolution, nothing cogent has been done to change the road status.

We need no analyst to conclude that students’ welfarism had become a matter of lesser priority to the present-day government, the very behavior that does not sit well with student leaders.

NANS OSUN as the apex student body in Osun-state that’s overseeing the affairs of all students in Osun State is using this medium to charge the Osun-State government to fix the deplorable state of institutions’ roads, in a bid to further aggrandize students’ welfarism. As we’ve concluded the submission of requirements for the rehabilitation of the road. We thereby issue 12 days ultimatum to the Osun-State government to fix the campus roads network.

We wouldn’t hesitate to shut down the whole Osun State by hitting the street with thousands of students right proponents if the state government failed to meet up with our demand.

E signed.

Comrade Afeez Oyelayo Oyewole (EWE).
NANS Chairman Osun Axis.

Comrade Salahudeen Abeebulah Adisa(DAH LEGACY).
NANS General Secretary Osun Axis.

Written and reported by:
Comrade Adekanmi Sulaimon Adewale (MIGHTY)
NANS P.R.O Osun Axis.

Comrade Olanrewaju Timothy Adeolu (Larry Jay)
Oscotech Esa-Oke S.U.G president.

Comrade Idowu Babafemi Oluwaseyi (BABS)
Oscoed Ilesha S.U.G President.

Comrade Bello Ibrahim (hii bee).
Oscoed ila S.U.G President

Comrade Olanipekun Boluwatife (Dignity)
Ospoly Iree S.U.G President.

Comrade Adejorin Tai Manuel (ATM).
Osun state university S.U.G President.

Comrade Adebisi Emmanuel Adeniyi (EMMY).
Oscohealth Ilesha S.U.G President.

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