Show Me Where You Kept What You Stole For 16 Yrs And I Will Stop Borrowing – Buhari Tells PDP


Mr Joe Igbokwe, the spokesperson of All Progressive Congress (APC) Lagos chapter has shared the statement of President Muhammadu Buhari, about asking People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to show him where they kept what they stole from Nigeria for 16yrs, if they want him to stop borrowing.

The party through its leaders have said that they are not happy that the President is borrowing money to complete projects in the country, especially those ones that previous government started. But the president has asked them a question, because one good thing about Mr Buhari’s government is that, any approved project, is completed and delivered.

If any contractor collects money and decides not to go to sites to do his or her job, the person will have himself or herself to blame, because such a person will be sent to jail. And this has helped the president to achieve a lot.

In summary, the president asked the PDP to support him , rather than fighting his government, because he is sincere and ready to work for Nigerians.

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