“She’s Not Behaving Like Human Being”– Class Teacher’s Comment On Student’s Report Sheet

A class teacher’s comment on the report sheet of a student over her behaviour has sparked outrage on social media.

On the sheet of the female student who appears to have performed very poorly, the teacher blatantly wrote ”She’s not behaving like human being”

However, the Principal who chose also commented wrote; ”Very poor academic performance”

The comment on the report sheet has however sparked outrage on Twitter after a Nigerian man posted the snapshot of the page on his Timeline.

Read Reactions:

For a student with such performance 2 A’s, 2C’, 2P’s and 1F and tge teacher deemed it fit to say she doesn’t behave like human being? That teacher is a disgrace to teaching profession. Even with the teacher’s comment it shows the girl is brighter than her teacher. Period

***How bad can a child behave that u describe her as not behaving like a human being? Have you forgotten that children have a lot of growing up to do? Is she running around eating other students poo-poo in the toilet after they go? Which one is she’s not behaving like a human being

** I’m curious to know what she behaves like. Does she growl and bite students at random, swing from tree to tree or she stands still like a baobab tree? Does she act like a plasmodium or she just dey corner like igneous rock?

*** I believe this is a joke and not real cos no well trained teacher would try this rubbish. The so called teacher’s sentence isn’t even grammatically correct and he/she has the guts to say a child doesn’t behave like a human being. Nansense and konkobility.

***That means the child and the teacher are of same specie …For her to know the child doesn’t behave like a human, that means she “the teacher” also have the traces.

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