She Had Over N18 Million In Her Account And She Didn’t Want To Help Me, Let’s Divorce

A man has said he want to separate with his 15 years old marriage over unfaithfulness of his wife.

In a story uploaded on twitter by @Apex_zy, he said the man discovered that his wife once had over N18 million in her account but refuses to help him because her friends told her not to do so.

The husband lamented that the wife could not contribute towards the family house he’s building because her friend told her that the land documents does not include her name, instead she opted to buy her own land secretly but she was duped by land sellers.

The husband also said he is the one who cartered for her tertiary institution education including master programme.

Every has been begging the husband, but he said he didn’t want the 15 years old marriage to continue.




Let’s know the type of friends and advice we do take. May God be with us.

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