School Suspends Eight (8) Students For Protesting In Osun

Seventh Day Adventist Hospital And Nursing School has suspended eight of her students for involving in protest against the management poor feeding of young nurses in the institution.


Gistsmate correspondent learnt that the school issues the suspension letter on Wednesday, saying it would not tolerate “truancy” from any student.

Hence, the main reason for the protest was nor address by the school management.

The names of the suspended students are:

Adebayo Deborah
Anah James blessing
Olasode Justine
Aderemi adeola
Ogunsola Deborah
Sienna Efe
Adewuyi omotoyosi

Look at a copy of the suspension letter:

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  1. Sincerely, I think the management of this school is “useless”. If you see the physical / mental conditions of your child/ward when they come back from this school for holidays is appalling and very deteriorating.

    Parents have complained repeatedly but they always go back to threaten the students and suspend them or find a way to expel them from school.

    They run a dictatorship program believing that they are above laws and no-one can challenge them.

    Unfortunately, the school is meant to be a “missionary school” to help the society and less privilege to get proper education but the management has turned it to a source of milking the students and their guardians. Yet, there is a lot of corruption and embezzlement going on in the school that the management are not concerned about but very quick to suspend protesting students against poor school conditions.

    I think Government should look into this and shut down schools like this. Let there be sanity in our education system!

  2. Suspension is not the solution at all ,but the students paid for their food and if they were not satisfied with the food they decide not to eat it and find another means by themselves.

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