Robbers Attacked NANS Chairman, Stole His Vehicle, Money


The National Association Of Nigerian Students, Ondo State Chairman elect, outgoing chairman, and some comrades has been attacked by some hoodlums yesterday, Sunday 9th of May.

The outgoing Chairman in his account said they were on their to a program organized by professional bodies at Royal Bird Hotel before they were attacked.

The thieves also went with Chairman vehicle, money, phones and some other documents.

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We write with total displeasure as yesterday would have been a black sunday in the sunshine state if not for God who took control of the unplanned for and unforeseen circumstance.

At exactly 8:15PM yesterday night dated 9th of May 2021,the outgoing NANS CHAIRMAN in person of Comrade Akinteye Babatunde Afeez(BABTEE) accompanied in his entourage was the newly elected NANS CHAIRMAN Comrade Omotosho Surprise alongside some notable comrades in the state.

Honorably and peacefully we were heading to a glamorous dinner night program organized by some professional bodies at Royal Bird Hotel,Akure but unfortunately some unscrupulous and irrational beings stampeded our movement to the event center.

As we drive close to the event center,upon getting to Alagbaka roundabout approaching Royal bird hotel,one of our vehicles was hit from the back and immediately our driver packed to ascertain what was going on.

On getting down from the vehicle to check what was wrong,surprisingly we saw some miscreants(hoodlums) holding planks,unexpectedly before we could ask any question,another car full of men who were their cohorts packed beside us highlighted from the car and attacked us immediately.

As well cultured and law abiding citizens,the embarrassing event left us perplexed.
We could not have folded our arms and watch this miscreants wound us so we tried defending ourselves and in the process some of our comrades could identify some of them.
Comrade Daoudu Oluwasegun who recognized them very well was hit with plank and car jack on the head which made him unconscious.
Comrade Segun was rushed down to the hospital and we thank God he’s been responding to treatment but still very ill and hospitalized.
We pray and wish him quick recovery.

It is so sardonic that while trying to rescue our comrade,these miscreants went away with the NANS CHAIRMAN vehicle with a lot of possessions in the vehicle including phones,money and documents.

Luckily for us while trying to abscond from the scene we were able to stop their last car which we handed over lawfully to the police yesterday night.

This is ridiculous,embarrassing and a slap on the face of Nigerian students at large and we will not fold our arms and watch as we sue for justice lawfully.

At this juncture we understand the fury of our students and we appeal to all students,students leaders,stakeholders,every concerned and perturbed individuals to remain calm as we sue for justice lawfully.

It is sacrosanct to state unequivocally that we will not step down on this issue until the perpetrators are brought to justice.
With our car carted away and the attack launched on us,we see this as a case of robbery and attempted murder as such we won’t step down the case until the perpetrators see the four corners of jail.

Conclusively,should we notice any foul play from the law enforcement agencies,we won’t hesitate to go by our own way(Aluta)

Yours in struggle

Comrade Akinteye Babatunde Afeez(BABTEE)

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