Regina Daniels’ Fight With Jaruma Over ‘Kayamata’ Gets Messier

The cold war brewing between Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels and popular billionaire therapist and founder of Jaruma Empire Limited, Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, better known as Jaruma, the Kayamata queen, may not be over soon as the latter has fired back at the former demanding return of all the Jaruma products in her possession.

Daniels, a few days back had called out the billionaire therapist on social media, while dissociating herself from her brand.

The 21-year-old actress explained that Jaruma has continued to seek ways of promoting her brand through her even after their contract expired.

The disclaimer
In an Instagram post, the actress wrote: “This is for clarity sake, I have and will never use any kayamata product. Jaruma paid me to help make random posts for her.

“I personally gave my terms concerning the kind of posts to be made. I was very mindful with my choice of words so as not to mislead the public. I was simply creating awareness for her brand.

“Along the line, we became friends. I was warned severally(sic) to keep her at arms length and mind my association with her, but it is not in my nature to judge a person from another’s perspective.

“But in her case I should have known better.

“She constantly uses every opportunity to create content to profit off my person and my brand even after our payment deal expired.

“And this is a notice to my fans and the general public, my brand and I as Regina Daniels have no business/association with Jaruma and her products,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, reacting to the post, Jaruma narrated how she paid the actress a whopping N10 million to promote her brand based on the fact that she (Regina Daniel) got married to a rich older man.

The kayamata seller also alleged that the young actress and herself had been friends back in time, even before her brand contacted her to promote her brands.

She also listed all the things she had done for the actress while their relationship lasted.

Continuing, she vowed to expose all the proof that Regina Daniels actually purchased and used her products.

In a series of posts on IG, the billionaire therapist asked the actress to return all the Jaruma products in her possession.

“After the pictures and videos, you did not return Jaruma products back to Jaruma.

“We will be so grateful if the products can be returned,” she wrote on IG.

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