Purchases For Grades Rock Imo Schools As Principals, Teachers Turn Classes To Market Squares

Akwakuma Girls Secondary students in Imo state have cried out loud on how teachers and principals in Akwakuma Secondary school have turned all their classrooms into market squares as both teachers and principals are in competition of who will make sales of books, uniforms, snacks, brooms, tissue paper, socks, minerals, sachet water to students more than the other.

The most disturbing aspect is that these principals and teachers fix prices that are more expensive compared to what is old outside the school, yet they force students to patronize them or fail their subjects.

One wonders if either the state ministry of Education or the education inspection board does exist in Imo state.

Some Parents have written series of petitions to the State Ministry of Education but all the petitions were swept under the carpet as many believe that the business centres which the classrooms have been converted into are not so without the knowledge of some players and principalities of the shared prosperity Government of Governor Hope Uzodinma led administration in Imo state.

The wickedness, witch-hunt and forceful orders associated with the business trend in Akwakuma girls Secondary school against the students is raising too much concern.

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