Prioritize Investment In Educational Sector – NANS Charges Government

As the world celebrate the International Students’ Day, Comrade Oladimeji Uthman who is the Deputy Coordinator NANS Zone D has advocated for the prioritisation of education in the administration of Southwest Governors as such investment in the sector enhance productivity and economic growth.

Comrade Oladimeji Uthman, comradically known as Dan Fodio been a front runner in the upcoming NANS Southwest Zonal Convention also stressed the importance of Nigerian Students and Youth at large in nation building.

In a statement made available to newsmen at the International Students Day celebration organized by NANS Lagos Axis, he charged all Southwest Governors to make education top their list and agenda in governance, says qualitative and quantitative education solves many societal problems, brings prosperity both socially, economically and also creates a liveable society where progress accelerates.

Comrade Dan Fodio remarked “A country with standard education, both qualitative and quantitative, has all their major problem solved, an educated and liberal society is a progressing society. Good education has a multiplier effect, affecting security, economy and other facet of lives.”

“If our government invest massively in education, with infrastructure development in the sector, providing quality research equipment with adequate funding, the government does not need to stress more on economy and security, as things will fall in place as they should be.”

The NANS Zone D Deputy Coordinator also implored the government to be youth inclined in the running of administration, sighting the importance of students and youth in nation building.

“In the Southwest zone, most of the progress recorded are traceable to the fact that we are liberal, the students forms major percentage of the youth, thereby must continue to pay more attention to the education of the mind of the students.”

He reiterate his agenda of working assiduously in ensuring the progress of the largest students organization if elected as the Coordinator of the zone, through mass advocacy for growth in the educational sector.

He appeal to all students leaders in the zone to join the call for improvements in the education sector as they decide who lead them in the forthcoming election by voting their conscience.

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