If most women will learn to treat sex like they treat their husband’s meal, some dying marriages will bounce back.

You make sure the food is hot no matter how late he comes back from work. Why can’t you serve him hot sex too?

You don’t wait for him to ask for his dinner whenever he comes back from work, why then do you wait until he ask you for sex? Is food more important than sex in marriage?

You dish his meal specially. Why can’t you make your bedroom activities special?

You don’t just give him food when you serve him dinner, you also give him water, juice and some other things to garnish it. Shouldn’t you always try to garnish the bedroom meal too? Don’t you know that eating one meal every time in the same way can be boring tiring?

You clear the table when he finish eating. Will it be too much to clean him up after a good round of sex?

Only women who really want to treat their husbands like a king can relate to these.

These are what side chicks do to snatch your husbands away from you.

May God blessed you, take care and enjoy your day.

Happy weekend.

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