Popular Actress, Iyabo Ojo Reacts As Oba Solomon Proposes To Her

GISTSMATE Media reports that social media prophet Oba Solomon made a love proposal to actress Iyabo Ojo in a live video which was refuted by the actress.

According to him, he had seen her in his dream 3 years ago and she gave him white gold. And immediately he saw a sign on her forehead, he lost control.

Iyabo Ojo who kept blushing and smiling initially gave the reason for her rejection being that he is married and she cannot share him with other women, but Oba Solomon remain adamant. She then told him she is already in a serious relationship with someone who really loves her and she cannot mess it up.

The Naughty Prophet went on to ask if he could hang around till she is served “breakfast “, meaning when the boyfriend breaks up with her.

The controversial Instagram cleric was recently invited for questioning by the Nigerian Police when he said Tinubu will not become the President of Nigeria and if he becomes the President, he will not spend 4 years before he will die,” in a video he shared.

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