A virtue of contention is based on sincerity and dedication to partake in the act of liberalism. My concerns and attention has been drawn to the future of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state, and the end target of our Excellency, Gov. Seyi Makinde.

The political party loyalist, build the party structure on a contention of truth and sincere hope, in the mindset of fulfilling the interest of those party members, who strive hard in reviving the lost glory of the party to its original domain. Major contention of today’s story, will be history tomorrow, if we do good today history will tell, and if we do otherwise, history will still tell, a stage in life is a page in history.

The future of PDP in Oyo state can not be guarantee and secure under Gov. Seyi Makinde and Alhaji Kunmi Mustapha, which has leads to more prominent people, many trustable loyalist to leave the party at the stage of gathering more strength for PDP in Oyo state. Today the childish play of The governor has earn PDP loyalist a shortage of having control of the local government.

I really acknowledge your work so far in the development of modern Oyo state, may you succeed in as much you do good. The future of PDP in Oyo state can not be predicted or determined presently, due to some IPSO FACTO that are concrete to the future of party in Oyo state.

I really feel disheartened, after seeing how the just concluded Local Government primary election, which was nothing but a Muckraker to the face of PDP members, I felt pathetic after you promised to allow free and fair primary election in the local level, which you didn’t fulfilled. Before the inception of making move in conducting primary election, you have been losing members to opposition, after the primary election, you still lose more members to Opposition party. Hadn’t been you allow free and fair as you promised, I guess the hope of winning and retaining Oyo State for PDP will be high.

During this time in 2015, whereby you are denied free and fair Primary Election, you couldn’t hold on to stay with the party, which incept you in joining SDP then, today the same thing that happens then, resurface now, how do you expect those people you denied free access to primary election to hold on and stay in the party, don’t forget they are the grassroots politician that solicit for you during the hard days in 2019, today you couldn’t repay them with free and fair elections, which you also couldn’t secure in 2015 sir. Your Excellency Sir, the future of PDP in Oyo state is at stake presently and I hope to revive it will be hard in terms of canvassing.

Very soon, the future you regard has a brighter one will be derail with Lame Duck, in as much your tenure is ending soon, almost 809 days to the end of your regime, if you couldn’t reconcile with the aggrieved members, don’t bother to Contest, because they are willing to pay you back with your own fishing expedition.

Let’s grove the point in making a realistic opinion, many stakeholders who join your campaign team, who you always turn to then are ready to pay their last card in the act of McCarthyism. I hope you didn’t lose easily, and I hope the future you think of will come to pass.

Internal issues in PDP, beyond your anointed candidates, beyond stamped candidates on the members and leaders of the party, you should have let them go on free and fair elections, I can say this, if you allow free and fair elections, those that emerged may find their Waterloo even in your presence.

Smoke-filled Room is still intact in making a realistic ideology which you have already propel, according to you sir “Nobody as the monopoly of violence” but today am saying this “You can’t secure PDP in 2023, unless you reconcile With those Grassroots politician you deny free Access to primary election”

Mr Governor sir, why did you implore them to collect the form, when you knew you are choosing for them? Why? Why did you want them to take the risk in collecting the form, when you know there won’t be primary election? why did you procured them with fake promises of free and fair Primary Election? Excellency sir, you betray the trust of those stakeholders in you, before choosing for them, You shouldn’t forget you relate with them before getting to this position, if you take another steps spin, the 2023 vote can swing in favour of who you don’t have contention for.

Governor Sir, what is the fate of those that you deny them from contesting, even after obtaining the nomination form? How did you feel when you are denied free access to primary election in 2015? How did you feel? Sir, those people can’t think positively about you in as much you also didn’t think positive about those that sabotaged your movements in 2015.

Sir, posterity is not something that won’t come to pass, today you feel happy for concealing your intention in keeping your people at different post, those that you denied free primary election, are they not from PDP? or do you think they belongs to Fayose camp? Do you? You have started losing weight to Gov.Fayose in as much you can’t secure and you can witch hunt those that are loyal to you.

Governor sir, why don’t you let stakeholders from different Local Government decide the fate of those they want at the local level? Why did someone from Another local Government be intervening in the future of another Local Government? Sir, we lose hope in you, and couldn’t regard you as our leader again, back to what Akala said in 2019, during the time of coalition, I guess it is coming to pass now, the game is in your box play the card verbally.

I hope the struggle PDP members embark on then, won’t later come to what they think about it. I can say this wholeheartedly, the future of the party is not secured with you.

You couldn’t manage those behind you, how can you manage a whole South-West? how?

Gov. Oluwaseyi Makinde, I didn’t mean to criticize you, but I feel disheartened after you deny superior people free and fair Primary Election, I knew this is how you will feel, when you are denied free access to primary election in 2015. My Governor Sir, the future is secure already we only need your act of leadership to Rubber Chicken Circuit of the members ideas.

Oyo state at large is in safe hand, but I hope the real Gov.Seyi makinde Should take charge, not the witch-hunt control by Unknown person.

You have allow Inferior people to rule on superior, I didn’t know any Local Government but my own Local Government, if you allow free and fair Primary Election, your candidate can never poll upto 20 valid vote, I can stand on this, even if the Election will be conducted in your presence.

Sir, I didn’t criticize you, but I feel sad after the drastic step you took during the just concluded day light robbery. Our party preach freedom, but you personally preach trial balloon.

The just concluded Local Government primary election is the worst primary election have ever witnessed, even your own primary election in 2015 is not like this.

Thank you for supporting Day light robbery, if we lose the party to opposition party, the aggrieved party members and stakeholders won’t forgive you.

My concern and topmost are with you from the beginning of your regime, and we are praying for a successful regime during your administration.

Today imposition tears APC apart, which they haven’t reconcile till date, I hope it won’t happen to us also. Imposing candidate on us will earn you nothing, than defeat I swear to Allah.

Sir, I pray your success will be a collective one if truly you are contesting in 2023.

Note: The article is not meant to abuse the Governor, but to show my plain mind in what the Governor has done wrong. Even if only person is standing for freedom, I will be the last man standing.

Ishola Yusuff Akintunde
An Aggrieved member

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