Police Kills 6 Children In Attempt To Disperse Protesters In Zamfara

Police have killed six children following an attempt to disperse protesters, Zamfara villagers say.

The protesters had blocked a road from Gusau to Sokoto, demonstrating against the attacks on their homes and livelihoods.

BBC Hausa reported that the villagers were protesting against insecurity in Zamfara.

There were reports of 19 persons killed in villages across the Bungudu local government area.

“You can imagine someone will come from no way to burn down all your foodstuffs, castles, and everything you have, so everybody came out to the main road and decided to protest,” one of the villagers was quoted to have said.

Witnesses of the police attack on the protesters claimed the children between two and three years old were teargassed.

Another witness put the death toll at two.

However, the police refuted claims people died in the incident, claiming nobody was even injured.

A police spokesman was reported to have stated that 36 of the protesters had been arrested.

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