It’s with sincere heart I brings issues, lingering in the hearts of Oyo state students to the general populace of Oyo State.

What is Platinum: Platinum is a gateway payment for any fees made by students of Oyo State Tertiary Owns Institutions. It charges five hundred only per payment (#500.00). And even if you want to pay a course fee as low as #400 or #500, you will still be charge #500 by platinum.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said and I quote “The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.” That Govenor Seyi Makinde who claims to be the people’s Governor have neglects the students’ wing is neither threatening nor baffles us, that he has not given us means of transport after persuasive approaches is not bugging us, that he has not meet students leaders in the state since his emergence is not bothering us, but adding chili to our wound is the wickedness we have been nursing since the introduction of the tormentor “Platinum”.

The truth behind reshuffling of office between Professor Daud Sangodoyin (Educationist) and Barrister Olasunkanmi Olayele (Legalist) is far beyond politics but selfishness and wickedness on the part of this current administration.

The implementation of 10% decrease on all payment by the Oyo state tertiary institution that Prof. Sangodoyin brought to manifestation was enough message, and threat to Platinum when the proactive Commissioner embarked on visiting the tormentor case. To be sincere, Professor Daud Sangodoyin was too good for Oyo’s educational sector.

“Koju ma ribi” in a twinkle of an eye, the good man was exchanged for reason(s) unknown to the public but well known to students’ leaders, reasonable persons in the state and Governor’s loyalists. How would legalist outstands performances of educationalist in education sector? Till now, am still wondering but I never finds the right answer.

The lukewarmness and carelessness side of the so called Platinum is rocking more havoc in students’ communities. Oyo State College Of Agriculture And Technology, Igboora, Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic, Eruwa, Emmanuel Alayande College Of Education, Oyo, The Polytechnic Of Ibadan, and The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki are the schools that platinum is really hitting hard. Funding of medical centers, sports center and activities, ICT center, student union activities, and many has been paralyzed by the involvement of Platinum, no release of fund to the management of schools to sponsors and improve sectors under them; to what end shall we continue this?

The consultation and consolidation by the state school towards resolving Platinum who has turned to cankerworm eating us deep to our marrow has proved unyielding. The cheerfully irresponsible characters of stakeholders who should have ward in to the matter and save us from gruesome Platinum is questionable. Commissioner for Education, and Special Assistant to Governor on Students’ Affairs silence explains what government of the day truly have for student populace in the state. On the part SA Students, little blame can be laden on the young politician, someone with no deep experience of student unionism could not do better than what he’s doing. If truly NANS are thieves (even to zonal and national level) as claimed by Oyo State SA Students, I wonder why he once aspired for NANS Vice Chairman at state level (only passionate ones do win), and why government of the day supports National Aspirant in the just concluded election.

Dear Governor Sir, For you to prove to us you are listening Governor is beyond social media talks but let the life you live be more important than the words you speak.

The ill treatment of students and their leaders, oppression of students by Platinum, and lack of security for students in Oyo state is nothing to write about, kidnapping and killing has become so cheap in Oyo state cities. In this current administration, more than ten (10) students have rather been victim of rape, kidnapping and murder. These only leaves me wondering that in this valley of shadow of insecurity, WHO WILL BE WILLING TO WALK WITH GSM BEYOND 2023?

It’s of no use to be doing your best, when you are not doing the necessity.

Students Are Not Thugs, Students Are Not Slaves.
Oppression is what we condoles not. Till all are free, all are slave.

Comr. Amoo Roqeeb Okikiola
Assistant Secretary General


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