People Caught Ritualist With Fresh Placentas In Oyo

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(Strange But True)

The people of Amumoro, Oyo town in Oyo State has handed over an herbalist who aids in using of new baby placenta for money ritual to Nigerian Police at Ojongbondu Police station, Oyo.

In a post made available by a Facebook user Generallssimo For Dmasses, he said the people of Awumoro has caught a ritualist who specialize in using placentas and other human parts.

He further stated that the car in which the ritualist used to conveyed his bad mission has been toiled to police station for further investigation. The identity of the car owner was also revealed as Mr. Azeez Ibrahim Bolaji.

The reporter of the incident also plea with Nigerian Police Force not to dismissed the case without getting to the root of the case and justice should be served to all concerned persons without prejudice.

In conclusion, he also hits out at ladies who loves to run after rich young men without investigating their source of wealth. He advice them to learn from the incident.

Read his full post:
“This is the car that carried the ritualists who was caught by the people living in awumoro.

The parts you’re looking at are the placentas of the new baby . No matter how far lies travel, truth shall prevail one day , that’s what happened today as their EOD had handle problem which led to accident infront of Chief Jolapamo’s house .
The police has therefore taken over the case as vehicle was tolled to the Ojongbodu Police Station for further enquires.
The arrested herbalist is now in police cell.

We pray the rest culprits are arrested including the owner of the car.

Kindly take note of the plate number , and possibly help the police with the information.

NB : Ladies that runs after young rich boys without investigating the sources of their wealth should learn from here .
Finally: Mr Azeez Ibrahim Bolaji is the Owner of the Car.

The Oyo State Police Command should kindly take over this case .
We are closely following up.

Thanks my people for good job”

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The Nylon Contains Placentas

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