People Can’t Stop Me From Sharing Sexy Photos On Social Media—Nazo Ekezie


You would think that the whole idea behind actress Nazo Ekezie’s attitude of breaking the internet with sexy photos is just to attract undue attention to herself.

But this is not the case. The curvaceous actress confesses that “it’s my own way of celebrating myself to show my fans how sexy I look.” For her, it doesn’t matter whether you appreciate her or not, in as much as your wrong opinion about her wouldn’t derail her from sharing more alluring pictures on social media to whet the appetite of her fans.

The Ozubulu-Anambra State-born screen diva, also revealed that she’s not spared heartbreak and the dark side of love. Like millions of other women out there, Ekezie has had her own fair share of unrequited love from a cheating boyfriend in the past.

And following her ugly experience, she has resolved never to give love a second chance. “I have been heart broken once in my lifetime. Maybe it was as a result of loving the wrong person. But when it comes to love life, it’s kind of pending for me right now,”the actress said. She also explained why she has not enjoyed rapid growth in the movie industry, revealing that “Financial struggle made me quit acting several times.”

Becoming an actress

I have always known that I was going to end up in front of the TV. But at some point in my life, I didn’t know exactly what it was, until I went for an audition back in the university. Following my performance during the audition, I realized this is what I want to do. So, when I graduated from the university, I started chasing my dream of becoming an actress. I graduated from Ebonyi State University and I studied English language.

My journey into the world of make-believe

It hasn’t been a straight forward journey for me. I had a couple of challenges along the line. But I thank God that I have been able to get back on my journey. One of the problems I had in the industry at the early stage of my career is that it wasn’t financially rewarding for me. I have always been someone who had a lot of responsibilities when it comes to fending for my family. I pay school fees for some of my younger ones.

Earlier in my career, I was forced to quit acting a couple of times in search of other means of survival in order to take care of my family. It kind of delayed my growth in the industry. You know the industry is some kind of a place where you have to keep investing without getting anything for a long time before you can start reaping the reward of your sweat.

But for two years, I didn’t have the leisure of jostling in the industry because I had a lot of responsibilities to take care of. So, what happened to my career is that I had to quit acting a lot of times to go back to the real world situation to be able to support my family. After a while, I learnt how to combine the two and was able to strike a balance and remain in the industry. However, financial struggle was my major problem at the beginning of my career.

Pain and pleasures of being a movie star

The highest pleasure for me is seeing people enjoy what I do for a living. Some people have narrated to me how they enjoyed a particular role I played in a movie. Others even testified how the movie helped them overcome a particular phase in their journey of life.

I consider it a ministry where I’m able to reach out to a lot of people I may not have come across in my life. That’s what I enjoy more. But the pain that comes with that pleasure is that some of these people believe they know you more than you know yourself. People tend to assume things about you once you become a popular face. But it’s not a problem.

Sexual harassment

I have always known very early that everything is not for me and everybody is not for me. I have never been in a position where I am sexually harassed. But when I began my acting career, there was this producer that wanted to play a funny game. In my life, I have always known how to say ‘No.’ I always believe that my life and career don’t depend on any producer or a couple of producers. I’d walk away from things I am not comfortable with. And it has been like that for me.

Dealing with attention from men

I don’t think it’s something I deal with, rather it’s something that’s just there. And I am good for it.

Sexy tag

I like being referred to as a sexy woman because I am sexy. But the only issue I have with being called ‘sexy ‘ is that I hope it’s not the only thing you call me. I hope the person calling me a sexy woman should give me a chance to show that I am also intelligent, talented and hard working. I will have a problem with being called a sexy if that’s the only thing you qualify me with. I want to add sexy to intelligence, talent and hard work. I wouldn’t mind at all.

Breaking internet with alluring pictures

I am celebrating myself when I share sexy and alluring pictures on social media. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to show people how good you look. As a millennial babe, it’s not bad at all if you appreciate yourself.

Looking good after 11 years in the movie industry

I try as much as possible to take care of my mental hub. I believe that the mind controls every other thing that goes on in our life. I take good care of myself, drink a lot of water, mind my business and stay away from negativity. Be a better person.

Sexy star image

People have different opinions of me. There are people who talk about my sexy pictures on social media as well as those who appreciate my talent. People choose to talk about what they want to talk about, but their opinions about me won’t stop me from sharing sexy pictures on social media or acting my whole heart out. I am a beautiful, sexy and talented actress.

Being heart broken

I have been heart broken once in my lifetime. Maybe it was as a result of loving the wrong person. But when it comes to love life, it’s kind of pending right now.

My kind of man

A good person, someone who has a good heart. The heart of the person I’m dealing with is more important than every other thing else. Like good people and I also like where money is involved. I don’t intend to end up with a man who’s living in a one-room apartment. I’m always after the personality , good heart and character of the person.

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