‘Oyo Was Set On A Track of Development’, Hon. MODTA Pays Tribute To Ajimobi


Oyo State was privileged with a great active service for eight years from one of its own, Late Sen Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi of blessed memory.

This day last year, we sadly mourn the sudden departure and demise of a son, father, husband, granddad, brother, friend, partner and lover of the Pace Setter’s State. Someone who devoted his active life, sweat, breathe, energy and intellect to the service of Oyo State.

Sheu, Koseleri, and many other nicks which was bestowed upon him in his sojourn of Oyo State service and leadership continues to ring bell and make healthy relevance in Oyo State and Nigeria today. They were either generated as a result of his insistence and desperacy for advance and developed state, which some took off grid with him, – which obviously, he care less about.

He was a developmental politician. Always hungry for improved and better lives of the good people of Oyo state.

No upright, well-meaning soul and friend of development will deny the outstanding legacies of our late brother in ensuring Oyo State have its place for incredible leadership and better-by-far governance.

Oyo State was set on track of development, progress and prosperity.

The State under Ajimobi witnessed its most peaceful era since her creation. It is a legacy that can not beat its reach. Intellectuals have argued in favour of peace and security as the only sustainable enabler for growth and development. Investment, citing of infrastructure and industries can only be actualised in a peaceful environment. Ajimobi did that and beyond. And a whole lot more.

Employment opportunities, industrialisation of the state, investment that brought more jobs and lots of other corporate social incentives, improved fate in government, equal opportunities for all, modernisation of the state at its peak, uncommon and massive infrastructural development and host of others.

Today, we eulogise and remember the architect of modern Oyo State for his vision and foresight to give us an Oyo state we could be boastful and proud of anywhere in the world. An Oyo State that its present state in regards to those developmental reforms is debatable and questionable.

Definitely, we feel so blessed to have him. His place in the family as a patriarch can never be forgotten. A successful businessman. Fulfilled technocrat. A balanced calculator. Quick and patient thinker. A gentleman. Loving father and grandfather. And a passionate lover of Oyo State.

He said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. He was in this world to astonish us with his intellect, humility, kindness, love, service and commitment. He will not be forgotten so soon. For he stays in our hearts forever and his influence radiates around us like the galaxy of stars.

Verily, a worthy seven decades. A life of essence.

Live on, our Hero. You will always and forever be remembered.

Hon. Modinat Temitope Adeyemo (Nee Ajimobi)
Founder, MODTA Foundation.
Lagelu/Akinyele Federal Constituency.

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