Oyo State House Of Assembly, Ibadan North Constituency 1 Candidacy; Facts That Should Be Stated

The media team of Oyo State House of Assembly Candidate for Ibadan North Constituency1, Hon(Dr) Olufunke COMFORTER AdeniyI Olajide has responded to the recent viral news causing tension and confusion on the authentic mandate owner of the constituency during primary.

As contained in a statement forwarded to Eaglessightnews, the statement reads:

“Can two persons emerge as candidates for the same position from the same constituency?

“Won’t a house divided against itself fall?

“Are we going to keep fighting ourselves and allow outsiders make mockery of us and capitalize on our weaknesses?

“Should we be arguing on a matter that is clear?

“Is the intention not to serve?

“Is there anything wrong with women inclusion?

“Is it fair to all concerned for an individual to be a serving honorable, made the DG for the Governor’s campaign in the Local government and still continue to pose himself as a candidate eligible to contest in the general elections?

“Isn’t this act against the law; Misrepresentation to the general public as a candidate in the race to be voted for without having the party’s certificate of return and knowing that another candidate has it?

“Having supporters ready to cause mayhem; holding weapons visibly at a visitation of State Excos to the Local government

“In all of these, the chosen candidate, Honourable Olufunke Comforter, remains unmoved, and unshakable. The party has spoken, and the people have shown their unwavering support for the woman with a golden heart and she in turn will continue to tow the path of peace till victory is assured for the party in the general elections at all levels.”

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