OSCOED President Lambaste Some SUG Presidents, Says He Stands For Students Populace Betterment

We are relentless as our mind will not entertain any form of discouragement.

Solidarity greetings to all leaders, conscious alutarians, gallant Comrades and Ever Intellectual students in this axis of NANS.

I wish to start by appreciating the students poulace of my school (OYSCOEDIANS) and entire students of all Oyo state tertiary institutions who took the gallant move to grace today’s peaceful protest aimed at demanding for our rights from the clueless oppressors as scheduled at the State Government Secretariat IBADAN today, 23rd of March, 2021.

Even though we have strategies which are on a top gear of drawing us closer to the point we should be and tactics wish scares oppressors to offer our wishes even when it tampers with their selfish interest,

Some SUG PRESIDENTS with whom I thought our interest is akin if not ditto Betrayed the interest of the schools they represented by negotiating the basic demands which matters to our well being and greatness as students for their personal will. Despite the unexpected disappointment from the said leaders, I IDRIS AYANDOTUN AYANDIRAN stands by the slogan of this school of thought which says Aluta Continua by promising not to make the interest of Students negotiable until the lost glory is restored and the cherished demands of the students constituency are met.

As PYTHAGORAS Once opined that “Concern should drive us into action not into depression, no man is free who can not help himself”, I remain tenacious on the moves which will make it difficult for oppressors to take breath and on actions which will be undertaken for the greater glory of the campus I am representing as the Grand Commander of Aluta Force and entire students in the state. I will collaborate with the few rational Union Presidents to preach the gospel of betterment of all students now with zero tolerance for the popular drum of compromisation by the selfish students leaders and clueless administrators in the helms of affairs.


I stand on my decision that no retreat no surrender and it is on this note that I call on all concerned students in the state to wake up to fulfill all righteousness which will in turn advance the good of humanity, commit ourselves to the cause which preaches it more audibly to the oppressors that we are not comfortable with harsh policies and collectively set pace for means which puts us on equal stage with students across institutions in Oyo state and other states of the federation.

I wish to remind the frontier Leaders that emerged through the votes of all senators in the state that, the only action which strengthens their acceptance among the said senators is activism geared towards registering the voice of the voiceless and not that which rationalize their private interest at the expense of general interest. If you choose not to listen, remember again that power is transient as holders will leave either on expiration of tenure or due to death. Posterity will judge you if you can’t embrace all that protect us in this difficult time as it tampers with the interest of your paymasters and we will note your actions for history sake.

#Platinum must free our institution
#Management must respect the right of Students
#Teaching staff must start working

End strike

✊🏻Nothing shall discourage us🤛🏽

Senator Idris Ayandotun Ayandiran
The Diplomatic Students Union President, OYSCOED LANLATE.

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