OPEN GRAZING: “The Presidency Is Wrong”, FFK Blast Buhari, Garba Shehu

Femi Fani Kayode has hit out at Nigeria President, Muhammad Buhari and the Presidency spokesman, Garba Shehu for rejecting southern governors agreement to ban open grazing.

Fani Kayode says no one has right to rear his animal anywhere he or she wishes. He make it known that the extravagant and excess life live by herdsmen is not constitutional, and no one has right to destroy farm land, rape woman, kill people, steal and occupy people’s ancestral habitation in the name of rearing cows.

He further advice the government not to give anybody right to kill, destroy or terrorize others because no constitution support such barbaric activities.

Read his full tweet;

“The Presidency is wrong. No-one has the right to bring his cows into my land to eat my crops & destroy my harvest in the name of freedom of movement. Your freedom of movement, inclination to bestiality & unnatural love & affection for cows & donkeys does not give u the right to enter my land, come into my home, rape my wife, kill my children, steal my substance and treasure, take over my space, occupy my land and take from me all that is dear to me including my loved ones, family, ancestral lands and life.

“The Constitution does not give anyone that right and neither should our Government be supporting or encouraging the activities of murderous and barbaric terrorists who do nothing but steal, kill and destroy.”

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