One Thousand Wishes As FSSIB President Elect Becomes A Year Older


Yusuf David Olamide popularly known as ‘Sugar Mouth” is a cool headed, kind, outspoken and vibrant comrade.

Just 9 days ago, he was elected as the Student Union Government (SUG) President of Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan. His election was a record breaking one as he became the elected officer with the highest winning percentage in the school history when he had more 80% of the total vote casted.

As he celebrates his birthday today (26th of August), different wishes from different angles has been pouring on the Erstwhile NANS Oyo State Director of Mobilization and the widely accepted students’ leader.

Our correspondent could not captured all the wishes, but we would be giving tips of the iceberg from them: 

Having a smart, funny, and wonderful person as a best friend must be something truly special and a great gift in itself. You really are quite lucky, my man!

I’m wishing you all the best on your birthday today, pal!

My sugar



wish you long life and prosperities, age with abundant blessings.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life,
May your days be long and money be long, and when it’s time to face your fear May you be strong, May you never lack the wisdom to motivate and sustain all that you work and pray for.

No matter how hard the economy of the jungle ‘lion will never eat grass , May you never lack ,🍾🎉🎊
Have a fun filled day
Age gracefully president elect
Product of NACOS 💯

May the lord be with you throughout the journey you’re about to embark on ,
Your new age is coming with power , it’s left to you to not be intoxicated by it, put God first in all, seek advice from right people, May the lord show you the right source 🙏
Happy birthday to you (senator to be) Comr Yusuf David Olamide

We wish you well president elect
Age with more wisdom and understanding, fear of God and abundant grace



#NANS dir. of mobilization Oyo state.
#S.U.G FSSIB President elect.

Birthdays are time to rejoice
With some extra special joys,
Here is wishing you all the fun,
Because you are the number one,
Have a superlative day today,
Because this is your special day,
Happy birthday dear comrade!



Who’s a leader?

“A leader is a visionary who sees the dream, designs strategic plannings to achieve the dream and motivates his subordinates to strive towards the achievement of the dream”
Adédàpọ̀ T. Adéwálé

This is the true definition of Comr. Yusuf David Olamide (Sugarmouth); SU President Elect FSS IB ’21/’22

🤲Wishing you all the good things you’ve ever wished for yourself on this auspicious day🤲

💃 Happy Womb Emancipation Day Brother. Long Life and Prosperous Years Ahead💃

Adédàpọ̀ T. Adéwálé ™
(UCJ President FSS IB ’21)✍️


Happy Birthday To Yusuf David Olamide (Sugar Mouth).
Elected SUG President, Federal School of Statistics Ibadan

I hope all of your hopes and dreams come true on this very special day.

Today marks fresh beginning for you; new life to explore, to exploit and to conquer; may you be lifted to victory.

As you add a new year to your life, behind you are your past, setbacks, mistakes; happy birthday for a new life of success, favours and greatness..



Happy birthday Yusuf David Olamide (Sugar Mouth)
The elected SUG President FSSIB

Celebrate, laugh, dance, and cheer because your birthday only comes once a year..

You are made special. I count your blessings and the size of your pursuit, the might of your courage and the beauty of your new life.
Happy birthday

Wishing you more years on Earth from Egalitarian Forum.

The Egalitarian ✊
We Are One

Sholadoye Sodeeq
(Chairman )

Olatunji Ileriayo
(General Secretary)

Distributed by
Oni Habeeb A


Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan Campus

On behalf of the above association we wish our SUG PRESIDENT ELECT 2021/2022

COMR YUSUF DAVID OLAMIDE pka SUGARMOUTH a prosperous birthday 🎂, May you live long to witness many more in good health and wealth and may God gives you wisdom and strength to lead FSS IB to a greater place.

Great NAOOS!!!
Food Basket of Oyo State

A se ese!!!

Signed ✍️
Sen. Olawale Abraham O.
NAOOS President 20/21

Announced by 🎙
Com. Olagbenro Ayodele
NAOOS P.R.O 20/21



”Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
Steve Jobs

May your life be blessed, may your way be favoured, may your days be honoured.

Happy Birthday to FSSIB President Elect.

(Oracle of Positivity)


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