One Dead, Many injured As Yoruba/Hausa Clashes In Students’ Community In Ibadan

Fresh tension arises in Shasha, Ibadan earlier today in which a yoruba man has been reported dead as Yoruba and Hausa clashes again.

Shasha, a community which accommodates the students of Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan is a community occupies by both Hausa and Yoruba.

Our correspondent report that a certain man nicknamed Adex was hit with a charm by undisclosed Hausa man two days ago and they death of the man earlier today has led to today’s clash. Adex who owned a Barbershop around Ebedi interfered in a conversation between an Hausa man who is a load carrier and pregnant woman (Yoruba).

The pregnant woman has told the Hausa man to help her carry her load, but the conversation leads to misunderstanding between the woman (Yoruba) and the carrier (Hausa). The interfering of Adex, another Yoruba makes the Hausa Man (carrier) to hit Mr Adex with ring which was reported to be charming ring. And earlier today, Mr Adex was reported dead.

The Nigeria Police Force and men of Operation Burst has been deployed to the community to restore peace before more mayhem will be unveil by the aggrieved Yoruba people in the area.

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