Ondo Accident: Students Union Calls For Passionate Fasting And Prayer

In a press release distributed by Student Union Public Relations Officer, Comr. Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi ‘Barryfem’ and duly signed by both the President (Comr. Obagunwa Oluwasegun ‘Supreme’) and the General Secretary of the union ( Comr. Joel Taiwo) stated that the student union implore all the student populace to join hands in prayer on Saturday 30th January, 2021.

The aim of the prayer is to seek God’s face for protection for students and the entire community in which the school is situated. The full statement reads:


“Dear AAUITES! Apparently, Sobbing and Mourning extensively won’t bring back our lost souls, surely no occurrence passes by without the knowledge of our Omniscient God.

“In lieu of this, we implore all AAUAITES at large to have a PRIVATE FASTING and PRAYERS SESSION with the Almighty God on Saturday 30th January 2021.

“Note: We are all expected to be in a state of purity as we observe the prayer and fast on God’s protection for us and the entire community. Also, The fast can be elongated according to our individual strength.

“Lastly, it’s advisable we break our fast with fruits, preferably Orange.
As the spirit leads, let’s do this as the only weapon of averting evil in our community.

“May God answer our prayers!

“Ubi Concordia: Ubi Victorià”

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