Omowonuola Tolulope: ‘You Are A Mother, Lover And Adviser – Olukayode Eulogises His Sister On Her Birthday



Olukayode Ebenezer Oluwaferanmi popular known as Samson Set has taken to social media to eulogized his sister has she celebrate her birthday today.

Olukayode in his wishes described Omowonuola Tolulope as his great little mom, an adviser, a backbone and a lover she can’t trade for anything.

He went on to pray for the celebrant, wishing the wife of Oyawole Lukmon more years to celebrate in sound health and abundant prosperity.

Read His Heart Touching Wishes:

You have been a good little mother, better love, and great friend. You have shown me both love and care in an undescribed way.

You have been the joy of the family, the ego of Mama and flaunt of your husband.

If not everything, you have been most things to me. I know it’s hard to appreciate you enough, thanks so much my loving sister.

May your light never know darkness, may your life continue to be definition of God’s faithfulness, may you and your husband keep flourishing like plants beside seashore. More life in sound health, and may your source of joy never dry.

Happy Birthday My Little Mom, Love And Sister.
Every September 5 Is Blessed Already.


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