Okanlawon Is A Pathological Liar, And There Is No Hiding Place For His Golden Fish – Debo Adeniran Fires OOF


A big stupid guy calling himself the founder of OOF Olusegun Okanlawon Foundation has become a big old fool and a Big Bang liar who has no other job than to be conspiring against someone personality, forming a big lies against all glorious activities in which he always find it difficult to display his spirit of stupidity and foolishness while aiming of getting the glory of such a successful epoch events.

It’s well known that the peak of stupidity is to dabbling into a matter in which you have no inkling about. The Olusegun Okanlawon foundation has become the bases for fraudulent activities, people’s negating pad with top ranking politicians, it has been revealed that David Olusegun Okanlawon has become a dramatist who always thinking of playing on Ibarapa people’s intelligence by organizing a sports activities, JAMB form for only about 50 people in Ibarapa territory and goes on to claimed that he sponsored 150 persons every academic year, cocking up a story of scholarship to the maximum indigene of Ibarapa, which he has been using for long to cajole people for him to be worship and praise among other’s in the region, which is big lie at all times. One of the most evils act he enjoy most is to be scamming people all in the names of politics, meeting the top ranking politicians in the state, lie to them against our Progressive Ibarapa Stakeholders in which he is not in good terms with them because of his arrogant and jealous attitudes he has mastered. Claiming that he will ensure all Ibarapa leaders and stakeholders will later come to him and be worshiping him base on fallacy and lies.

I gathered that he went to meet Prof. Adeolu Akande, the NCC Chairman in Abuja that all Ibarapa are in his own hands, he used us anytime he want us, he was the one feeding every youths in the community likewise all the widow and widowers, the farmers including The Ibarapa Elders Council.

Getting huge amounts of money from this people and never tend to spent one quarter to Ibarapa community. I stand on this to challenge Olusegun Okanlawon for all what he has said against IBARAPA PROGRESSIVE YOUTH SUMMIT PLANNING COMMITTEE 2021 that he should come out openly and debunk it, and if he fail to do so, the Ibarapa Progressive Elders forum shall summon their courage to the floor of the house and take a legal and proper actions against him.

From the fact we gathered,Olusegun Okanlawon go far to badmouth us, misinform people against us, claiming that he sponsor the program with the the donation of three hundred thousand, and did banner with 200 copies order of event paper, in which he only paid forty three thousand to the account of the graphic designer who only called him to do graphics without our prior knowledge and approval.

Aiming at using those old tricks style to the glory of the program. He went further to inform Hon. Bolaji Afeez ‘Repete’ telling him that we are ”come and raids” guys, he categorically stated that we only used the program to raise fund and nothing to show, besides he has meet up with the 90% of our budget proposal for the program in which Olusegun Okanlawon never drop anything for the program.

He claims that he brought a photographer for the event, I am sending this message to the people in the whole world, to help us ask Okanlawon where is the photos that his photographer took that very day, nothing to show us, and besides the planning committee sponsor five media houses for the program which Okanlawon lied about. He continues to poison the mind of the people against us. Virtually we received different calls from our people telling us the lie Okanlawon made against the planning committee for the program. He has nothing to convince people other than lying against people personality, attempting to dent the image of the people for him to glow.

On this note, I dare challenge any of his follower or loyalist to go a long way and bring all sorts of bad things against the content of this publication as you received this message rather, I need a response to the background of this content .

To anyone and everyone reading this piece, kindly respond with a fact that won’t lead your destination to the prison yard. He went even as far as stopping our movements and activities with Dr. Olusola Ayandele while nominated as the chairman of the program calling him all sorts of bad names and rejected the man for him never to get a chance of gaining the ground like the Greatest Philanthropist (Dr. Olusola Ayandele). He lied to so many people telling them that all our programs were promoted by free donors, in which the available resources at hand before our program was never a promised by any donor. He lied to people that we have been declared wanted by him in Ibarapa for money laundering, mouthing that we would be arrested by security agencies before today. I challenge him to bring any of the security operatives for our immediate arrest and come out publicly to debunked it or else he will face the waterloo before the Youths of Ibarapa.

I wish to inform our people to run away for him and implore every Ibadan born political actors never to rely on him as the gateway to Ibarapa political success. Because he has nothing than to scam Ibarapa and everything shall be reveal sooner than his expectations.

Debo Adeniran Writes From Ibarapa, Oyo State.

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