Oduduwa Nation: Unofficial Yoruba Currency Unveiled, Rocks Social Media See The Name And It Picture

Sunday Igboho, Femi Fani Kayode, Yoruba Socio-Cultural Group “Afenifere” and some influential Yorubas with majority of youth not exempted continues in their quest, agitating for Oduduwa Nation, in which they Southwest states would break away from Nigeria to have their own country with new currency, flag, national colour, and other national identities different from Nigeria.

In this quest, they unveiled Oduduwa currency and named it Fadaka. Fadaka means silver in English language. The acclaimed Oduduwa Nation who already have flag which consists 3 colours (Green, white and blue).


The surfaced of the Fadaka has raises eyebrows on social media in which many supports and eulogies the inventory, some sees the movement as a plot from People Democratic Party (PDP) to belittle Buhari led administration, and some sees it as mere rants which looks unrealistic.

Let’s read reactions from people;

We will be good to go, if we can first demand that all the 6 Yoruba states Governors to invest heavily on education, mechanized farming, massive generation of electric power, Coding. all these will open doors to economic buoyancy after then we can now secceed from Naija

Then we will continue to be led by our failed Yoruba leaders.we really don’t know what our problems are. The main problem of Yoruba is our immediate leaders, the same with people from East, South and the North. We should stop attributing our problems to other tribes. Look inward

To avoid attributing our problems to other tribes, we shall rule ourselves (oduduwa) and look inwards to a permanent solution.
If them tinubu still wanna govern, let them contest. Let’s have more than one political party in Yoruba and stop this (this is awolowo’s party) nonsense

Where is oduduwa reserve bank located…I need to open an account now

I swear dis whole thing is politics… Abeg y is it dat wen pdp was der is not ringing like dis.. woo our problem is the politicians not Nigeria nor tribes… SARAKI leave PDP for APC now return to PDP u see say no be the party be the problem but the people..

There is nothing wrong in freedom agitation, in fact it is d best 4 any group of people but have we solve our internal problems? If problems like greed, corruption, selfcenteredness, nepotism,agbero and the likes of them are not tackled b4 Odua nation our problem has just began

And some people who don’t know how freedom is gotten think it’s a joke….
Like play like play it becomes real.
It happened like this during Russia and Ukraine.
Czech and Slovakia and so on.
But due to the stupidity of an African man….you doubt this.

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