NPC Wins Prestigious GIS Award at ESRI International User Conference

In a groundbreaking achievement, the Nigerian National Population Commission, NPC, has won the prestigious 2022 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award at the ESRI International User Conference on GIS.

The announcement was made on Monday evening through an official statement posted on the commission’s Facebook page.

The accolade recognises the commission’s remarkable use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to digitally map the entire landmass of Nigeria. This remarkable feat has resulted in the development of the largest and most comprehensive geospatial data in Africa.

The ESRI International User Conference on GIS, held in San Diego, United States of America, serves as a platform for organisations and professionals from around the world to showcase their innovative use of GIS technology.

The National Population Commission’s outstanding efforts caught the attention of the conference judges, securing them the coveted SAG award.

GIS technology enables the visualisation, analysis, and interpretation of geographic data, allowing for more effective decision-making and resource management. By harnessing this powerful tool, the National Population Commission, NPC, was able to create a digital map encompassing every inch of Nigeria’s vast landmass.

The comprehensive geospatial data obtained through this process will play a crucial role in various sectors, including urban planning, infrastructure development, natural resource management, and emergency response.

The recognition of the National Population Commission’s achievement at the ESRI conference underscores Nigeria’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for national development.

By digitally mapping the entire country, NPC has not only demonstrated its technological prowess but also paved the way for evidence-based decision-making and improved governance.

This accolade is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of the National Population Commission’s team. Their tireless efforts in harnessing GIS technology have placed Nigeria at the forefront of geospatial data management in Africa.

With this award, the National Population Commission, NPC, is poised to continue its pioneering work in the field of geospatial data management.

The commission’s success serves as an inspiration for other organisations and institutions across the continent, encouraging them to explore the vast potential of GIS technology for their respective countries.

As Nigeria moves forward, armed with this invaluable geospatial data, the possibilities for sustainable development and effective governance are boundless.

The National Population Commission’s remarkable achievement has undoubtedly put the nation on the global map of GIS excellence, opening up new avenues for progress and prosperity.

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