North Central Comrades, Students Endorse Dr. Ado For Wase LGC Chairman

The National Association of North Central Students NANCS under the leadership of Comr. Muhammad Abubakar Wase (GCNCS) has thrown weight behind Dr. Ado Abubakar Buba, hence endorsed the student and youth loving Wase Local Government Council Chairman for second term in office.

While speaking with Gistsmate Media correspondent, Comr. Muhammad described Dr. Ado Abubakar Buba has students’ lover who has supported student movements in the local government, state and the zone at large.

Giving the account of the philanthropist Chairman, he said Dr. Ado Abubakar has done physical projects than every other Chairman in north central which makes him to bagged NANCS award as the best LGC Chairman in North Central.

Dr. Ado who supported NANCS national students and youth entrepreneurship summit with seven hundred thousand naira (donated 250,000 for the program and lunch NANCS magazine with 450,000), he also built hospitals, constructed roads, facilitated accreditation of private education college, construction of new GRA and many more.

”Dr. Ado Abubakar Buba has done a lot for students, youth and our dear local government, so he deserves our support, and he’s very important to support him in expectation of more exploits and positive impacts”, Comr. Muhammad Abubakar Wase, NANCS National President concluded.

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