No Election! We’re taking Over Biafraland — Group Announces Date For Provisional Govt

The Biafran National Guard (BNG) has pledged to raise the Biafran Military Flag of Authority by May 30, 2021.

The operation, according to the party, will mark the complete takeover of Biafran territories, beginning in Anambra State.

The group also said it has barred the Nigerian flag from being hoisted or displayed in any part of Biafra territory, according to a statement signed by Colonel Nsikak Akpan, Head BNG/BSMCA.

According to the BNG, the ‘unknown gunmen’s recent actions in the South-East are nothing compared to the havoc they will wreak on the Nigerian state, including its parastatals and installations in Biafra territories.

The BNG also said that it would not allow the governorship election to hold in Anambra State, adding that the State would no longer be governed in any form affiliated to the Nigeria State.

“After extensive deliberations and consultations, the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration {BSMCA} comprising of BNG Head, the Provincial Adjutant(s) and Acting Administrator(s) of the Biafran Army, Biafran Navy, Biafran Air-Force and Biafran Detective Force vows to hoist the Biafran Military Flag of Authority which will officially signify the change from Transitional to Provisional government and the total takeover of Biafra territories beginning from May 30th 2021.

“The BSMCA states that the Biafran National Guard {BNG} will kick start her activities in defunct Anambra state, emphasizing that the slated November governorship poll will not be allowed to hold and the defunct state shall nonstop be disrupted from been governed in any form affliated to the Nigeria State.

“The Nigeria security forces must desists from authorizing arrest, patrol, checkpoint or show of uniform in Biafra territory.

“Also, this is to forewarn that the Nigerian flag is therefore banned and must not be seen hoisted or displayed in any part of Biafra territory or there shall be severe consequences against those who flouts the order.

“Depicting the recent activities of the so-called unknown gunmen as kindergarten compared to the mayhem that shall be unleashed by the Biafran National Guard on the Nigeria State including its parastatals and installation located in Biafra territories.

“These vengeance shall be launched from defunct Anambra state for the arbitrary violation of the fundamental freedom and human rights of these Biafran prisoners of conscience for over fifteen (15) years.

“Beseeching the Biafran Transitional Parliament to approve the list of Administrators for the various Departments of the Biafran Army, Biafran Navy, Biafran Air-Force and Biafran Detective Force which was forwarded for screening to the Upper and Lower Chambers.

“The Council called on every Biafran men and women still serving the Nigeria State security forces to resign henceforth as the grace given will expire after the hoisting of the Biafra Military Flag of Authority.

“The Council implores the people of Biafra to be patient and tolerant as events unfolds because it shall become uncomfortable and severe but these are price that must be paid for our freedom.

“Furthermore, this is to inform all and sundry from 27th – 30th of October 2021, a live broadcast of the Biafran National Guard shall be delivered by the Provincial Government where the future of the sovereign state of Biafra shall be unveiled,” it claimed.

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