Nigerian Lady Cancels Engagement With Boyfriend For Proposing With N10,000 Ring

A Nigerian lady has called off her engagement over the type of ring her boyfriend proposed to her with, according to a Twitter user.

Twitter user @dearolaa, who shared the story on the platform, revealed that the lady in questions is her friend, and she called off her engagement because her partner got a ring of N10,000 for her.

When she asked how her friend knew the price of the ring, she stated that she had once seen the same ring from an Instagram vendor.

She wrote;
“My friend got engaged and cut off the engagement immediately because her boyfriend proposed with a 10 thousand naira ring. I asked how she knew it was a ten thousand naira ring then she said she has seen it on a vendor’s Instagram post before.

Can you imagine? Would you propose To the love of your life with a ten thousand naira ring? I feel so bad for her because this is what we have been praying for but the guy messed it up with the choice of ring.

”That kind of ring can turn another color in few weeks

 but then I feel she should have accepted it cos Some guys don’t even bother proposing with rings they just say it with words and they still move on.

”I hope you don’t throw this away even though I don’t like the idea of a ten thousand ring myself. Dear Mojisola, I know you can see this try and reconsider his offer. Xoxo”

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  1. Help me ask her If her papa proposed to her mama with a ring worth more than that 10k

    And that’s if her papa even marry her mama legally

    The guy even try
    Nah #500 ring self me fit buy to propose
    I pity person wey Dey plan to marry me

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