NIGERIA@62: “Embrace Egalitarianism, Peace And Unity For They Are Great Strengths”, Hon. Comforter Charges

As Nigerians celebrate 62nd Independence Anniversary, the candidate of Oyo State House of Assembly ,Ibadan North Constituency1 Hon(Dr) Olufunke Comforter AdeniyI Olajide has advised all and sundry to work in the spirit of togetherness , embrace egalitarianism, peace and unity for they are great power and strength.

Comforter described the challenges facing the country as lack of egalitarianism, love , unity and peace which are all rooted in leadership failure.These challenges have to be properly addressed for the building of our country.

Comforter eulogises Governor Makinde for believing in egalitarianism and for his love and demonstration on women inclusion in politics.

She further advised her constituency in Ibadan North to avoid distractions and focus on propagation of Seyibayo’s second term and how the lost glory of Ibadan north Constituency1 would be fully restored .

In her words,

“The best way to build Nigeria is to work in love , unity and sincerity and embrace egalitarianism.

“We are so fortunate! we’ve got a quintessential Governor who embraces egalitarianism in Oyo state ;and allows women inclusion in politics.

“Let us not cease with the building of our nation and Nigeria particularly in Oyo state for this is the best way to enjoy the power of unity.

“Unity holds the Nation firm. Let’s us be happy , not because we don’t have challenges but because we are more than conquerors .

“Alone I can smile but together we can laugh. Alone I can enjoy but together we can celebrate. Alone I can talk but together we can speak. Let’s promote things that unite us, than things that cause disunity. Unity is a great strength. Peace And Unity !Happy Independence

PDP Candidate, Oyo State House of Assembly, Ibadan North Constituency 1

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