Nigeria @ 62: NANS Southwest Calls Political Leaders To Steadfastness, Demands Permanent Solution To ASUU Strike 

The greatness of every nation comes from the participation, collective effort and contribution of every individual of the nation. The moment all individual loses focus in realising collective goal, and selfishness and egoism takes over their soul, their soil will overturn to massive graveyard.

The leadership of National Association of Nigerian Student, South West (NANS ZONE D) under the leadership of Revolutionary Comrade, Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe, congratulate every Nigerian Students, as our fatherland, Nigeria clocks 62 years of Independence.

In a statement earlier received today October 1st, 2022, the leadership of NANS South West (Zone D) under the coordinates of Com. Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe, wish every Nigerian a Happy Independence Day and pray for the repose of every lost souls that fought or contributed in one way or the other to the freeing of Nigerians and Africans from the shackles of slavery by the cruel British.

The coordinator also expresses concern in his statement pertinent to the low ranking of Nigeria among the developed countries of the world despite being an aged countries. He continues that “any country that lacks good leadership, positive participations of his citizens and collective goal will never attain greater height in governance”. On account to this, the legitimate leadership of NANS, South West (Zone D) urges every Nigerian to show concern for good leadership by participating and giving all their might for the development of this country, Nigeria.

Also, NANS call the federal government and ASUU to agreeably end the ongoing ASUU strike by reaching a resourceful compromise because “every country that shows less concern for education dares destruction”. The coordinator also rings continuously that “education is a right of every Nigerian child not privilege” and calls for immediate intervention of the leadership of both parties to call-off the ongoing ASUU strike before Nigerian Students lose patience of consultation and consolidation and become uncontrollable to confront them by shutting down the whole system. We also use this medium to remind both parties that God of Aluta neither sleep not slump. He is watching over every steps taken by every individual.

Moreover, Nigeria is blessed with both human and natural resources, we hereby urge the government to make use of both resources to tackle all problems that is tieing down the progress of this country. As we all know, Nigeria is facing problem in every sector of life. Nigeria is faced by security challenges, retrogression of education sector, corruption, unemployment, poor economic growth and lots more. All these problems can only be controlled and sorted if the available resources are used effectively.

Lastly, NANS, South West (Zone D) under the leadership of Com. Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe, will not stop protecting students’ interest until studentship right is protected and education becomes easy to acquire under peaceful and conducive condition. We also assure Nigerian Students that our door will never get shut and our ears will never be dumb to their clamours and agitations because our purpose will forever remain for the service of Nigerian Students.

Conclusively, we wish every Nigerian a Happy Independence and pray to the Most High to bless Nigeria her people. We also pray for the past heroes to rest in peace.

TEGBE Stephen F

ESIEGBE Emmanuel O

God bless Nigeria.
God bless NANS National.
God bless NANS South West.
God bless Nigeria Students.

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