The NANS’ Financial Secretary, Comr. Adeyinka Williams, Olaseinde(Sir Newton) while giving his speech on the occasion of Independence Day says that Independence represents Freedom through struggle and there is a need to celebrate it because it is a great feat.

The NANS’ Financial Secretary advises all Nigerian students to embrace peace and stay away from activities that can deteriorate the state of insecurity in Nigeria reminiscing on the fact that two wrongs cannot make a right.

While emphasizing his efforts to make the welfare of Nigerian students his priority, Sir Newton says he will continue to stick to the seven-point REBIRTH agendas which he promised.

Sir Newton calls on the government to return orderliness and work on the security of Nigerians at large saying that Security is inevitable hence, the need to maintain orderliness arises.

Conclusively, the National Financial Secretary appreciates Nigerian students for their unflinching support and unalloyed loyalty towards his administration, he assures them of his determination to serve them and deliver well without being bias.

God bless NANS
God bless Nigeria

Ade’Psalmuel Taiwo ABEJOYE (PSALMMY)
Director of media and Publicity

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