NEW YEAR: “More Achievements, Prosperity”- NANS Southwest Wishes Students

The legitimate leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students, South West (NANS Zone D) ably led by Comrade Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe wishes the Nigerian Students of the zone a blessed new year as the month of January paraded the earth and prays for more achievement in academic endeavors.

In a statement received earlier today, 1st of the month of January, 2023, the coordinator NANS Zone D, Comrade Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe bloomed joyfully and sang the song of praise to the God who preserved us to see the new year. He also gave thanks to God who created the mankind in his picture, modified their ways and norms to the best of all taste and relinquish them with power to control over other creatures.

The Chief coordinator NANS Zone D also gave his sincere gratitude to the Lord for being his guardian to saddle the responsibilities laid on his shoulder prosperously that the legacy he had laid could not be submerged or swept away. He added”it has been God all the way and it’s still him. That has made me feel elevated above oppressors.”

Also, he spelt out his words thankfully to the NANS cadres of the Zone who are standing behind the Students’ struggle day and night mainly to ensure safety of the interest of Nigerian Students. He said “I stand on behalf of the entire Nigerian Students to thank our senior cadres who are always helpful to our struggle. Your commitment and contribution is very vital for the realization of our goal and cannot be overlooked or taken for granted. I also beseech you to contribute more to ensure our way is rightly protected.”

Furthermore, NANS Zone D coordinator, Comrade Tegbe also praised the Nigerian Students for their activeness and cooperation so far and promised to do more to ensure their interest is well protected and the oppressors and intimidators are flushed out of our campuses. He furthered in his statement ” your cooperation with us will yield to joy and earn us great achievement.”

In addition, Comrade Tegbe use the medium of this new year to appreciate the state government of the South West for their proactiveness and responsiveness to all clamours of the Nigerian Students and also advocate for more in order to ensure smooth running administration in the Zone.

Conclusively, Comrade Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe wished everyone more successful attainment in the new year. And in the name of Baba Aluta he said ” Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.”

TEGBE Stephen F

ESIEGBE Emmanuel O

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