NAUS ONDO Gets New Executives

A little consideration, A little thought for others make all the difference -A.A Milne

Through the numerous, Calls and messages, agreement and disagreement I can’t but notice the swiftness which each sides bent for each others.


Want to Appreciate Leader Dele Kenko, Leader Osama, Leader Kasper, Co-ordinator Kalusa, Leader Babtee, sitting NANS Fin Sec Sir Newton, Indefatigable JCC chairman Surprise, Leader Anthoz, Father Ab,
Captain, El Patron, Fadirex,Comr. Dammy, Comr. Supreme, Leader Orofin, Do Mercy, Aluta P and many more who social media won’t give me the chance to mention.

The camaraderie in Ondo is one to Learn from,God bless the ever working returning Chairman Sir Joel and Director Old Man,your constant calls and messages made this possible and History won’t be kind if I don’t appreciate the S.U President of Universities in Ondo,special mention for General Wales of FUTA,you are always there for NAUS

Rowling said and I quote we are only as strong as we are United, weak as we are divided

The Unity across the most ideological geopolitical region which I inherited from my predecessor comrade Aridiogo David(Aruson) would never falter, Insha Allah


See the list below:

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