NANS Zone D Convention: Vote with Conscience, Dan Fodio Appeals to Progressive Senators

…..hails Senators Ideologies

As the convention of the National Association of Nigerian Students Southwest Zone (NANS Zone D) draws nearer, the top contender, Comrade Oladimeji Uthman comradically known as Dan Fodio has made a sincere appeal to all the Students Union Presidents that form the Senators of the association in Southwest Geopolitical Zone, with the mandate to vote for the leadership of the association at the convention.

Comrade Dan Fodio who is currently the incumbent Deputy Coordinator of the organization has been a top contender for the position of the Coordinator of the National Association of Nigerian Students in Southwest region (NANS Zone D).

In recent days, the campaign and manifestos have been shared to students and all stakeholders on the agenda he sets to accomplished if elected.

Comrade Dan Fodio in a statement made available to newsmen however appealed to all SUG Presidents known as Senators to consider the generation next to come and vote their conscience for a prosperous NANS Zone D.

In his statement, Comrade Dan Fodio pleaded that all Senators should only consider a candidate whose agenda will bring succor to the challenges Nigerian Students are facing in the Southwest Geopolitical Zone.

He promised to drive the association to prosperity where ideology, innovation, creativity and development will be the calling.

“As we have some some sort days to the convention proper, my appeal is to all Senators/Delegates who have the constitutional mandate to vote, to choose prosperity and advancement for the association by voting their conscience and for a reliable candidate whose vision resonates in development.”

“We are not just making decision for ourselves by voting on the convention day, but we are also deciding the fate of many Nigerian students, including the ones next to come, therefore, we must not gamble with our decision, rather, all senators amidst any challenges or tantrums, must put the right peg in the right hole.”

Comrade Dan Fodio also expressed confidence that “NANS Zone D Senators are all ideological students leaders with a cosmopolitan experience, varied enough to make critical decision, most especially, the one that shapes their future. I have confidence in the Senators that they can never be distracted.”

He thereby solicited for the vote of the Progressive Senators during the convention as he reiterated his commitment towards a better, progressive and advanced NANS Zone D, he concluded.

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